Al Qudra Company

Arabian Al Qudra Company was established in 2016 to be one of the leading companies in various fields to serve the requirements of progress and development in the country.

Since its establishment, the company has been working on a clear and time-bound strategy to implement work programs in the Iraqi market and to build a broad and solid working relationship with international companies. Projects carried out by Arab Capacity Company
Al Qudra Arab Automobiles Company announced the launch of the "GAC MOTOR" vehicle brand in Iraq in 2016 The company has obtained the exclusive commercial and exclusive right to represent the Chinese commercial mark in the Iraqi market, where the company is characterized by Chinese cars origin of the best and finest Chinese industries and original parts with maintenance and after-sales services.
That company proved a noticeable success quickly in Iraq, since many types of production of the mother company have been marketed to the local market and have received great success, local acceptance and successful competition for many accredited car companies in Iraq.

One of the models offered by Al Qudra through the Jack Motor brand is the sedan with the following labels: GA3S, GA5, GA6, and
GA8. As for the other category of four-wheel-drive vehicles and the specifications for the technology:
GS4, GS5, GS5 SUPER, GS7, and GS8.
We are proud to launch the GAC brand for the first time in the Iraqi market, which comes as a result of our continuous pursuit of enriching the portfolio of high-end commercial vehicles, which we have the right to represent and manage in different categories and in order to meet the needs of our community members of vehicles especially in the current economic circumstances and purchasing power Prevailing.

As demand is growing on medium-class vehicles, we have seen the need to provide the local market with this type of modern and luxurious vehicles and put their new models in the hands of consumers within a clear strategy for sale, service, maintenance, deployment and expansion, reflecting our firm commitment to deliver high quality products and services.
With this move, citizens will be able to purchase luxury GAC vehicles and enjoy an unrivaled driving experience thanks to its advantages. The integrated system of international standards and innovative designs based on the principle of “creatively meeting the requirements”, from the exterior to interior advanced equipment technology and superior driving dynamics, all built on the results of research and studies, which include strong engineering construction and high quality based on the latest and most advanced technologies related to all aspects of vehicle work, as well as design era Comfort, high performance, security, safety, stability and luxury on the roads, in addition to competitive prices, fuel efficiency and friendly environment.
The company said that the Iraqi showroom "GAC MOTOR" began to work with all its capabilities adapted to the requirements of customers, and to provide an ideal experience for them with the products of the brand "GAC" business and with the services of customer care and after-sales services, the premium on maintenance services provided by the company.

GAC MOTOR is owned by the GAC Group that founded in Guangzhou, China, in 1977. Since then, the Group has been able to separate itself from most of the other Chinese industries in the vehicle industry, which it has sought to produce through the Group's years of experience in producing large quantities of vehicles for other brands, prompting to launch its own distinctive and luxurious brand "GAC MOTOR" In 2008, and to produce high quality vehicles and performance, the GAC relies on its acquired experience and on various sources to obtain its vehicle components from international suppliers.