Stages Of Our Development

NAC first started to operate under the name SIGMA Group International in 2004, during that year it underwent three important stages; in the First Stage, it started providing concrete installation services, oil recycling, in addition to providing wastage and batteries removal contracts, and general trading contracts, which include furniture, food, generators, caravans, malls, hyper markets, and the installation of air conditioning units.
During this period, the Company also invested in several projects, including Brothers Station for Fuel, and the Iraqi Company for Trucking Services.
During the Second Stage, between 2008 and 2013, the Company obtained a contract for the management and construction completion of Baghdad International Airport Hotel in cooperation with the Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority, which consists of a hundred rooms, as well as a contract for the provision of administrative services for International Business Centre in cooperation with the Iraqi Airways Company.
By the Third Stage, besides obtaining the exclusive agency rights for Hyundai Agency, the Company obtained a sharing contract with the General Company for Automotive Industry in Babil Governorate (Ministry of Industry and Minerals). The contract provides for the preparation of an Assembly Line for the automotive industry, which costs 1,600,000 (one million and six hundred thousand US dollars).
The contract also includes various training courses for the Iraqi Cadres at Hyundai main factory in Korea, as well as having the Korean Engineers to conduct training sessions on the Assembly Line in Iraq.
In addition to that a large number of contracts and projects were conducted with the Ministry of Electricity, Oil, Industry, Labour and Social Affairs, Housing and Water Resources. Mesan and Babil Governorates, and other Government Departments.
Building, assembly and marketing for Korean TYM Agricultural Machinery Company via a sharing contract with the General Company for Mechanic Industries (Ministry of Industry and Minerals).
NAC is considered the representative of North Iraq Company (NIM), Kia Motors Car Trading Agent in Iraq, where NAC branched out to have several offices and branches in Dubai, Jordan, in addition to Iraq under its umbrella.