Scrap Removal

NAC provides scrap removal and disposal services to clients and individuals, recognizing the importance of scrap removal and disposal as a part of its environmental responsibility.
The work in this project is done through specialized machines for cutting called the plasma cutter, in addition to the traditional Oxy-fuel welding and cutting. These machines cut the scrap into small pieces in order to facilitate their transportation from place to another.
The Company aims to provide solutions for businesses and individuals in the disposal of scrap, in both quick and responsible manners, focusing on recycling as much of the removed material as possible.
Starting from its vision, NAC Management, under the leadership of its founders, continues its quest to provide the highest levels of quality, integrity, and efficiency for its clients in its commercial, industrial, administrative and contracting services.
The Company takes pride in its clients, and dedicates its prosperity to them, by promoting a comprehensive and leading commercial value in the community and the Iraqi market abroad.