Hotel and Property Management - Baghdad International Airport Hotel

Working on the hotel started in 2008 up until 2013, which was an investment partnership with the Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority worth 2,000,000 (two million US Dollars). The works involved rehabilitating the hotel and its facilities to suit the guests’ needs and provide all means of comfort during their stay.
The hotel consists of a hundred rooms equipped with all services corresponding to international standards, in order to ensure the comfort of guests during their stay, whereby they are attended to by a dedicated well trained staff consisting of seventy persons.
Attracting Iraqi companies and institutions as well as foreign ones, the hotel has made great profit and high revenue for the Iraqi Government, because of the hotel high quality services.
In addition to that, NAC rehabilitated the Iraqi Airways Buisness Class building by a contract with the Iraqi Airways Company. The building consists of seven floors provided with all communication services as well as meeting rooms. The building attracts several Arab and Foreign companies and investors due to its high quality services that allow visitors to perform all their needs in a professional high-quality manner