AL LIA FOR GENERAL TRADING CO. which is related to (nahw Al ezdehar group) has been established in 2013 as a leading company in various fields to serve all sectors to meet the requirements of progress and development in the country.

AL LIA FOR GENERAL TRADING CO. was keen to develop a clear and time-bound work strategy to implement its work programs in the Iraqi market after conducting extensive studies of the needs of the Iraqi market and its outputs, In this regard, work teams were formed to study the needs of the market and the needs of international companies in the Iraqi market and facilitate their work to find suitable investment ground. Work to find a suitable investment floor.
Projects carried out by Al Liya Company The company provides logistic services for domestic and international projects through air, sea and land transportation as well as commercial and general contracting. As a result of the outstanding performance of the company, it has gained the confidence of international companies such as Sally Port International, which in turn awarded our company with contracts for the processing of their sites with oil products, under the name of (oil gas, ordinary gasoline, jet fuel and white oil) to cover the F16- aircraft contract with the Iraqi government Inside
the Air Base.
Our company carries out the processing, general contracting and trade with the private and public sectors, which includes all ministries and departments in all governorates, establishing infrastructure and operating them, providing services, training human cadres within local and international specialized programs, implementing development and expansion projects through appropriate investment and focusing on continuing with our values and responsible commercial bases.