Nassim Al Iraq Company

Nassim Al Iraq Company for Marine Services and Transportation Ltd. was established in 2013 to be one of the leading companies in marine services, maritime transport and ports development to serve all fields in order to keep abreast of the progress made in
parallel with the global development witnessed in the world.

Naseem Iraq is keen to develop a clear strategy and objectives after conducting studies on port development, establishment and rehabilitation of infrastructure and operation, providing the best services and training of human cadres within the programs and courses of local and international specialized and implement development and expansion projects through investment in appropriate ways and constantly focus on our values The company is becoming a leading service provider that applies the latest methods of operating marine fleets according to international standards. At the same time, we establish successful working relationships based on mutual trust with all our partners.

We aim to play a pivotal role in shaping the bright future of global trade, ensuring that all our activities leave a lasting positive impact on economies and societies. Projects carried out by Naseem Iraq Marine Services Co. Ltd.
Naseem Al-Iraq for Marine Services and Public Transport Ltd. concluded a contract for the rehabilitation, development and operation of packing equipment and conveyor belts for specialized docks in Khor Al-Zubair port in cooperation with the General Company for Southern Fertilizers / Al-Basrah, one of the formations of the Iraqi Ministry of Industry and Minerals in 2016. The company concluded Rehabilitation, development and operation contract of the specialized sidewalks (5,6,7) and its accessories in the port of Khor Al-Zabir with the General Company of Iraqi ports, contributing to the provision of expertise and modern technical skills to improve the work of ports in the country.
The berths (5,6,7) were rehabilitated at Khor Al-Zubair port and our company has drilled the waterfront to the design depth. The depth of the berths before the rehabilitation was (4 - 3 m) and after the rehabilitation, it has been increased the depth of the submersible (11 m) Which resulted in an increase in the absorption of sea cargo (3-4) times than previously, where the length of the pavement is 250 m and width of 30 m.

As the above contracts are considered as long-term contracts with a duration of up to twenty-five years renewable.
Our company coordinates and cooperates with the General Company of Iraqi ports to manage berths (5,6,7) in the port of Khor al-Zubayr.
In accordance with the contract with the General Company for Iraqi Ports, Naseem Iraq Company carried out the maintenance works of berths (7,6,5) at Khor Al-Zubair port by rehabilitating and drilling the waterfront for the mentioned berths, maintaining and maintaining the depths in the sedimentation basins and rehabilitating the power plants, fire extinguishing systems and infrastructure. The bumper bumpers in accordance with
the best specifications of the world's proven origins by the most skilled engineers and
Iraqi and foreign experts and thanked us to equip the General Company of Iraqi ports with the latest machinery and specialized equipment such as wire hoists, forklifts and cranes of all sizes in addition to generators Electricity generation and maintenance of cathodic poles and the processing of various office units and the establishment of a modern administrative building for docks and the installation of the latest systems of surveillance and the latest technologies and lighting towers, where the cost of rehabilitation is approximately 14-12 billion Iraqi dinars.

As per the contract with the General Company for the Southern Fertilizer Industry / Basrah, Naseem Al Iraq Marine Services and Public Transport Ltd. will rehabilitate and maintain the SHIPLOADER conveyor belts for the specialized berths (7,6,5) of Khor Al Zubair port and maintain the central control unit according to international specifications. As exportation is stopped in this system, the equipment are out of service which extends along the sidewalks 7,6,5 by 750 meters as shown below:
1. Conveyor belts (sub-belts) 300 capacity T/H count: 40.
2. Conveyor belts (Main belts) 600 capacity T/H count: 17.
3. Conveyor belts (sub-belts) 150 capacity T/H count: 6.
4. Conveyor belts (the fossilized material belt) 120 capacity T/H count: 

There are 5 specialized stores as follows:
Urea stores: 2 Total area 2/ 15,000m 300 m x 50 m Storage capacity (44,000 t)
Phosphate stores: 3 Total area 2/ 25,000m 500 m x 50 m Storage capacity (95,000 t)

Where the cost of rehabilitation of this project from 30-25 billion Iraqi dinars In addition to the above, the rehabilitation of berths led to increased employment opportunities for Iraqi workers and improve living conditions and eliminate a large proportion of poverty and unemployment and increase the shipping lines and attract the world's largest cargo that enables customers to increase maritime transport and trade and economic exchange from one country to another and connect the port with International ports to reach the highest levels and be a key link with other international ports and this leads to an increase in imports.
Participation is considered one of the most important forms of investment of funds, which can be used to finance various economic, commercial and industrial activities.