Hyundai Motor Company

NAC had won the representation of Hyundai Motor Company in Iraq early in 2010, wich is one of the biggest industrial companies in the region, specifically in Iraq.
In response to the Iraqi market needs, NAC created a plan to provide a wide range of buses and commercial vehicles, industrial and agricultural equipment, tanks, and different kinds of trucks, as well as spare parts for these vehicles.

The Company Has Owned Special Vehicles Which Include:
1. Vans; refrigerated van, cool van, insulated van, dry van, eutectic cold van, wing body, bottle carrier
2. Garbage trucks; press back, garbage dump, arm roll, vacuum lorry, sewer cleaner, road sweeper
3. Construction trucks; dump, mixer, concrete bump truck
4. Crane trucks; stiff crane, knuckle crane, aerial working crane, wrecker
5. Tank Lorries; fuel tank lorry, water tank lorry, water sprinkler, water cannon
6. Special transport; flat bed, car carrier, mobile workshop, troop transport, safety loader
7. Special purpose vehicle: mobile laundry, mobile bath, fire fighting truck, 4WD truck, double cab, liftable airsuspension
8. Buses; ambulance, bookmobile, wheel chair lift bus, Universe limousine, Universe toilet, emergency bus door

NAC also has Been offering after-sale services, quick service garage for vehicles checkups, battery and filter replacements, and also sells genuine spare parts with warranties, alone with many other services available such as the Assembly Line at Al-Iskandria (Babylon Governorate).